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Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth. - 2 Timothy 2:15 NIV

                       Saved on Death's Bed


This is a true must tell story. I’m a born again Christian filled with the Holy Spirit. My husband and I planned a trip home for Christmas in 2008. It had been over twenty years since we had spent Christmas in my home town. I was truly excited because my sisters, brothers and the grandchildren would gather at my mother’s house. I lost my father in 1984 to cancer. There are eight children, around eighteen grandchildren, and fourteen great grandchildren. My mother is a blessed and highly favored woman. She married her second husband at age 73. Through that marriage came three step children and one step grandchild.

     About a month before our planned trip home we received some bad news. I found out that my mother had breast cancer. It was devastating news. I didn’t let it get me down because I knew who was in control.  Most of all, my mother knew too. I began to do what I knew best and that was to pray. In my spirit I knew my mother was healed by Christ’s stripes just like He said. My mother’s concern was for her children not to be worried about her. What a strong woman! Things began to move fast. Within two weeks, my mother had a mastectomy. And things went great. Although I wasn’t able to be there with her, I wasn’t worried and counted it a blessing that all of my sisters and brothers lived in the same town. I remembered talking to my mother on the phone after the surgery.  She told me that immediately after the surgery she began to sing “God Has Smile on me.” She knew that she was already healed. My mother’s recovery was going good praise God. She was waiting for her wound to heal so she could continue further treatment.

     Shortly after the news about my mother, I found out that my grandmother had gone into the hospital for further test because she was having serious issues. Within a few days, we found out that she had stomach cancer and it was in the end of stage four. My grandmother was 97, what a blessings! I began to pray for her to be healed, but I also knew that it is not God’s will that everybody be healed on this side.  I knew my grandmother had lived a long life. I also knew I had to pray for God’s will to be done for her. My hope was that His will was to heal her. I also knew that we can’t know exactly what God is going to do. However we must trust, hope and pray for the best.

     Two weeks later my husband and I arrived in my hometown. I was excited to see my mother and how well she was doing. It gave me great joy.  We visited for a while and then we decided to go to the hospital to see my grandmother.

     We arrived at the hospital and went to room number 306. I’ll never forget it. When we walked in I saw a frail looking very sick woman who had lost a lot of weight. The doctor had started chemo on her.  I personally believed that the chemo wasn’t going to help. I hoped it would, but deep down inside my spirit told me different. We hugged, talked, and prayed. Like I said earlier I am a born again Christian, and God has given me many spiritual gifts, one being the gift of discernment and another being the gift of mercy. These are good gifts to have but sometimes they can weigh heavy on your heart.  But I will always use them for God’s glory.

     As I sat in a chair facing my grandmother I could see her every move. I felt her thoughts. What I saw and discerned was not pretty (quite scary). As everyone else in the room talked, laughed and fellowshipped, God put me to work. My grandmother did not have peace. It seemed like she was afraid of something. This was puzzling to me since because every since I was a little girl I had seen her in church every Sunday singing, praying, and shouting. She said that she was saved and I believed her, she was my grandmother. But as I sat and watch her, it turned into a horrible experience for me. I remembered hearing her yelling and screaming in so much pain. She had no peace. The nurses gave her medication what seemed like every two hours. Finally it was time to leave. I didn’t want to because she appeared to be so afraid and alone. I was thinking this is a woman who has been in church as far as I can remember and now she is so afraid. Didn’t she believe in Jesus? Surely she knows that He is there with her. I left the room sadden in my spirit because I knew something just wasn’t right. Where is her faith I asked myself? Months earlier I had a friend who died. My husband and I were closed to this friend. Every time we visited him before he died, he would laugh and smile with us. He knew he was going to die, but there was a peace about him. He accepted Christ years earlier at our church. He was a saved man! He did not fear death. I asked myself "is she really saved?" 

     We visited my grandmother every day I was home on vacation. I knew my days there would be brief.  My husband and I spent Christmas night with her. She had a terrible night moaning and groaning. It was hard, but we made it through the night.

     Two days before we were to leave I was at the hospital. This particular day I felt strange as I entered the room. When we walked into my grandmother’s room I knew she was having another bad day. The chemo was taking a toll on her. You could see the pain and agony on her face. We all took our place around her bed, and prayed. Afterward I was lead to sit in the same chair as I did before facing my grandmother. This time I saw things and expressions that were horrifying.  About seven or eight times I saw her wondering off in a daze. She had a look of fear and disappointment that I had never seen before. Her mouth was moving as if she was talking to someone. Her eyes would get bigger and scary looking as if she was in another world.  It appeared that she saw horrific things. It was like she left the room and went into another place. A place that was not good. Then she would come back to reality. I sat and wondered what in the world did she see. Whatever she saw was not pretty. It scared the life out of her. I wondered if she saw visions of Hell.  She was so frightened by what she saw. Personally I believe she saw a glimpse of Hell.

     That day when we left the room, I was shaken, confused and could not believed what I had just witness. I asked my mother if she had seen any of what I saw. Her reply was yes. On the way I home, I kept thinking to myself, how can my grandmother be so afraid if she knew Jesus as Lord and Savior?  I wondered if she was dying, and if she was dying, why was she afraid if she knew Christ?  The bible says when you are saved, to be absence from the body is to be present with the Lord. Therefore, you won’t fear death. You’ll have peace knowing that you are going to be with the one who died for your sins. I left the hospital wondering if she was truly saved, or was she just religious? I knew that was something only God knew. I said earlier about me having the gift of discernment, God was showing me that things weren’t what they seem to be.

      I got back to my mother’s house, ate lunch, and later decided to go for a walk, still thinking about what I had seen in the hospital. After about thirty minutes of walking, the Lord spoke to me in my Spirit. He told me to go back to the Hospital. I didn’t obey at first I began to walk. He told me again to go back to the Hospital. This time I said, “Lord I just left the Hospital.” “I’ll go when I’m done with my walk. Again, I began to walk disobeying the Lord, I kept making excuses. The third time He spoke to me, it was as if my heart was about to jump out of my chest. Go back to the Hospital now! I gave in. I knew at this point God meant business and if I didn’t listen to Him, He was going to deal with me. Out of the fear and love I have for God I obeyed His calling. I don’t fear God because I am scare of Him, I fear Him out of reverence.

     I finished the lap I was on, rushed into the house, grab the car keys, and out the door I went. On the way to the Hospital, I asked God what was going on. What do you want me to say to my grandmother? I began to pray. My heart was still pounding. Then I got a revelation from the Lord. All I remember was Him saying in my spirit was Roman’s chapter 10:9-10. The New Living Version reads  9 “(For if you tell others with your own mouth that Jesus Christ is your Lord  , and believe in your own heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” 10 “(For it is by believing in his heart that a man becomes right with God; and with his mouth he tells others of his faith, confirming his salvation.”  I said okay Lord! I will do your will.

     When I arrived back at the Hospital, one of her sons was in the room. He was shocked to see me back because I had left a few hours ago. I asked him if I could be alone this time with grandmother because this time I was about the Father’s business. He politely said yes, and left the room.

     The nurse was in the room tending to her. She was in so much pain, yelling and screaming, asking God to have mercy on her. Finally the nurse was done. My grandmother looked at me as if she wondered why I was back again in the same day. She looked up at me with so much fear in her eyes. I said to her I’m back but this time I am about God’s business. She gave me a confusing demonized look.  I began to hold her hand and just began to say thank you Jesus over and over. My grandmother was smart. She went to church all of her life, worked in the church, and sang on the choir. She also knew the Bible. I asked her if she knew the Book of Romans and she said yes. She kept a Bible on the table. I took the Bible and did exactly what the Lord told me to do. I read Roman’s, 10:9-10 to her and I asked her if she believe this with all her heart. She said yes Pearl I believe that. “Then God prompt me to lead her in a repentance prayer. When I asked her to ask forgiveness for her sins, she screamed in a voice that pierced my ears. I was standing over her looking down. It was as if I could see the evil demons being plucked from her as she laid there crying. I continued to hold her hands as she released everything to God and asked His forgiveness. As God is my witness, she was a brand new woman. The fear she had was gone, we began to rejoice and we sang God has smile on me. I didn’t know the second verse of the song. I began to hum as she sang the second verse.  We sat in the room for hours talking and rejoicing and thanking God for saving her soul. 

     The next day we to visited her, everyone saw a different woman, happy and singing no fear. She had peace about her that surpassed all understanding. She had joy something that only Jesus can give you. She was still a sick woman. It seemed like her pain had left because now she had the joy of the Lord. I was so glad I obeyed God when He called me because it is not God’s desired that anyone die and go to Hell. Christians we must always be ready when God is ready to use us, The Bible tells us in 2 Timothy 2: 15 The Living Bible Translation, it reads, Work hard so God can say to you. “Well done” Be a good workman, one who does not need to be ashamed when God examines your work. Know what His word says and mean.

     I went back home a few days later. Within two weeks my grandmother passed away peacefully in her sleep. It was God’s will not to heal her physically. Her sickness was to death. God’s will was to heal her divinely. If I hadn’t obeyed God, according to the word of God my grandmother’s soul would have been lost. Glory to God in the highest!

     My mother is still happily married and I’m happy to say that she is cancer free. Her sickness was not to death. It was God’s will to heal her on this side. My mother’s faith is stronger today than before.  It is a joy to hear her give her testimony.

     It is truly my prayer that someone will read this story and come to know Christ as Lord and Savior or lead someone else to Christ as He told me to do. The moral of this story is everyone who says they are saved is not. It appeared my grandmother was in church for all these years, very religious, but she never knew Christ personally as her Lord and Savior. Do you? If you are just religious and not save, please let me know. God has called me to help you. Be blessed                        

True story by Pearl Robinson


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