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Pearl "Kingdombizzness" Robinson Has Done It Again!!!

       Mommy, Please Let Me Live: Voice of the Unborn

Her newest novel 

"Mommy, Please Let Me Live:

      Voice Of The Unborn"

is A Must Read!!!

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Like many teenage girls, Tracey cannot wait until she turns sixteen. She will finally be able to date, something most teenage girls eagerly anticipate. Before long, she begins to date Troy-and that is when her life changes. In Mommy, Please Let Me Live: Voice of the Unborn, author Pearl Robinson tells Tracey's story. Before she turns sixteen, Tracey talks to her parents about everything and never lies to them. But when she turns sixteen and start dating, Tracey begins to lie to her parents. She starts skipping school to be with Troy, who eventually pressures her to have sex with him. And when Tracey finds out she is pregnant, she is left with a life-changing question: should she keep her baby or have an abortion? Robinson takes readers through Tracey's decision process and the changing relationship with her parents and friends. They will also learn how important it is to consider the consequences before doing something it seems "everyone else" is doing. Although Mommy, Please Let Me Live is fiction, Robinson tells a story with which many teens are familiar. Tracey's story includes pain and desperation, but also one of hope. Watch the trailer below to see Tracey's story.




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               Why do I write???

I write because God chose to bless me with this amazing gift. In return, I use my gift for His Glory. However, writing is not the only gift that I have been blessed with. I received many spiritual gifts from my Father, such as mercy, a discerning spirit, and evangelism.  I do have others however these are my strongest gifts.  I always write from my heart. I write when I am angry at sin or when I want to please my Heavenly Father. I also write out of obedience.  I write to warn people, to teach them and to correct.  Leading lost souls to Christ is my passion and it burns like fire down in my soul. Sometimes, much like my Heavenly Father, I get angry at sin and I have to write what I’m feeling.  God is my inspiration and He instructs me on what to write. I thank Him for the gift of writing and I will always write to glorify Him.  My purpose is to serve God through the gifts He has given me. Proverbs 18:16 reads “A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” I think that speaks for itself.


Pearl Robinson


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