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Quotes Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice "Mommy, please let me live: Voice of the Unborn" gives you reason to question your decision. This thought provoking story takes into account what we like to forget when faced with a tough decision like Tracey's. That being, what God's plan is for us and our children. When reading the all too familar situation that Tracey encounters with her boyfriend we are challenged to rethink our previous point of view when we hear the baby's voice. It is filled with hope and dreams of what his life is to be. It definitely gives you a starting point to the dialogue you must have with your children when talking about the Facts of Life. I encourage you to share it with your children and show them to adhere to God's guidance when faced with adversity. Quotes
"Mommy, Please Let Me Live: Voice Of The Unborn"

Quotes I do not tend to read as much as I should but this book was recommended to me by my cousin and i am so glad she told me about it as I found it to be a brilliant read. I could not put this book down once I had starting reading it as it was very captivating and I would recommend it to anyone. Quotes
Amanda Mckitty
Blessed Mother

Quotes Outstanding but true. Tracy's story is a dose of realty which every young girl should read. It is definitely a page turner and keeps you immersed from beginning to end. A definite recommendation for a young women's book club. This book should be given as a gift and it will keep giving to others. Buy and read it now. Quotes
Y. McCrea
"Vet McCrea"

Quotes Once I started reading Tracey's story, I couldn't stop. The story captivated me in a way that kept my attention and lead me to want to read more. Her experiences growing up are very realistic of what our daughters are facing today. This story points out several important issues. Trust in knowing what is right and wrong, trust in our parents and most important, trust in God. I suggest this encouraging story as a gift to a young woman in your life before she is faced with Tracey's experience. She will learn that there are choices to be made, results from those choices, and answers that are truly God's blessings that don't have to include termination of life. Quotes

Quotes Wow, awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. From start to finish I was captivated by the storyline. God truly directed your path towards writing this much needed book ... a job well done Sister Pearl. Every household should have a copy of this book as the information it contains is vital, encouraging and very inspiring especially for our young ladies in today's society some of whom are vulnerable and easily influenced by 'sweet talk'. With God in their/our lives no matter what the circumstances He is always standing by and will never leave nor forsake His children. Thank you again Sister Pearl! Quotes

Quotes I do thank God for what He is doing with your life. You are a voice to the voiceless. Your are a vessel of honor in our generation.As for the book may all be encouraged to read it.The book is an eye opener to the lost world especially the young people. God bless you for this great artistic style. Keep preaching for everyone to hear. Quotes

Quotes Your book is awesome Pearl, a must for every household to have. Just to place where someone can find it and start reading. Its a truly God breathed book written from the heart! If I could place a few in every doctors room, school library, public library I would. There is soooo much inside that book, there is no-ways a person can read it and not be touched by Jesus. Well done Pearl! You have an awesome gift from our Father! God bless you and may your book sell by the millions!!!!! Quotes
Michele Higginson

Quotes This is a awesome much read book. I know this is fiction but this book is also reality. I think all teenage girls and preteen girls should read. If anybody out there reading this and you have had abortion there is healing in this book. This is powerful book, I really think everyone will enjoy reading it. Quotes

Quotes When i first read this book, i only started because grandma wanted me too, but DUDE THIS IS NOT WHAT I EXSPECTED!!! If this book were a movie, it'd make people forget about twilight.I mean the way she made tracey was too realistic, and troy was a pure example of the average teenage boy. This book needs to be a movie because it would change so many lives. Pearl Robinson, God couldn't have picked a better voice than yours to speak for aborted infants! Quotes
Fellow reader

Quotes This book is attended for readers of ALL ages. Especially for confused expecting mothers. Please know that there IS another answer than abortion! There are leaders that can speak with you if you don't feel comfortable speaking with your parents. Every time I read the unborn child's point of view, it brings tears to my eyes. Being a mother myself, this makes me love my child even more. I can't see how anybody would be able to hurt a child. Being born or not. "Mommy, Please Let Me Live" is for every little girl, lady, or woman out there. Please read this book and seek for help before aborting a child! Quotes